Quality & Safety

Why Choose HP Memories?

Although anyone can scan images, our company has been on the leading edge of imaging & video technology for decades.  Our world class service breaths life into your precious memories! Our streamlined process is thoughtfully designed to be as stress-free as possible. 

Safe & Trustworthy

With a $1000 guarantee that you'll never need to use. We don't leave safety to chance, which is why we may have gone overboard:

a.   Cell Phone Updates: We are the only service that sends you prompt updates on your mobile phone with your order status.

b.   Barcode Tracking: Your box of memories is tracked at every step in the process. You can track the status online, in real-time.

c.   Video Monitoring: The contents of your order are visually recorded before and after they are scanned, as part of a security and verification process.

d.   Weighing: We accurately weigh your box before and after it is scanned as an additional safety measure.

We’ve built a world class facility specially designed for digitizing your memories. It is manned around the clock with over 65 high definition security cameras watching your memories all the time. Every image is not only scanned by hand, but digitally retouched by our professional editing team.

High Quality

Accuracy : From accurate photo color correction to red-eye and scratch removal, HP performs high quality scanning and photo preservation, which explains the glowing testimonials we receive from customers. Our scanning and repair process requires two levels of quality control—the first for technical quality of scanning/repairing and the second to ensure we have followed the customer’s special instructions. Here are key features that set us apart from competitors:

Truer colors : Automated scanning does not yield natural colors or overall color balance. We color correct every scene individually, which results in more realistic colors (e.g. skin tones, clothing, and the sky).

Resolution : We scan photos at a high enough resolution to enable printing them at least twice the size of original prints. Our dpi resolution option yields crisp, vibrant digital photos you can display on a large-screen TV, print on a life-size canvas, or display in frames.

Value : Scanning more than 175 million images is the best way to learn nearly everything there is to know about scanning, enhancement, and restoration. Our vast experience ensures that services are performed correctly, efficiently, and affordably.